Advantages of Choosing a Property Investment

Profitable property investment is indeed a favorite investment instrument, even according to a survey of financial institutions not so long ago shows that sluggish economic conditions did not stop investors from investing in property. Then what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing investment in the property sector? The following is the explanation. Apart from that, you may also want to check out the recommended Bukit Timah Collection .

The advantages of choosing a property investment

The following is the advantage of investing in the property sector.

Prices tend to rise

Although economic conditions slowed property prices will continue to grow, even according to Bank surveys in the second quarter of this year that property prices in some countries grew an average of 5.95 percent. On the other hand, the Bukit Timah Collection can be a nice choice for your condo.

Growth in property prices is indeed largely determined by the choice of location. If the location is perspective, then the price tends to rise faster. In addition, locations with diverse access and supporting infrastructures, such as business, education, health, and entertainment areas also make property prices tend to rise. Meanwhile, you might also need to look at the Bukit Timah Collection.

Source of income

Choosing to invest in property makes investors get two sources of income, namely sales and rentals. The profit obtained from sales is the difference between the price of buying and selling (capital gain). But for investors to get optimal profits, investors also have to calculate costs beyond the purchase price, such as commissions for property agents, notary fees, name transfer fees, taxes, insurance costs, and maintenance costs. Apart from that, the Bukit Timah Collection is highly recommended for either an investment or simply as a place of residence.

While the benefits derived from leasing property are routine income as long as the property is leased. However, before deciding to rent property, investors must have an estimate of the current property value in order to determine the appropriate rental price. Determination of rental prices is usually based on the prices around the property area, including calculating the costs that must be incurred during the rental period, such as maintenance and maintenance costs, promotional costs, and other costs

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