Benefits of meditation for children and adolescents

Although technological advances are very prominent in this modern era, social media can also have an impact on mental health. Most millennials use a variety of social media, and this can be a positive thing. But sometimes, the use of social media makes it easier for someone to compare his or her lives with others, and this can affect mental health. People who feel that someone else’s life is far better than him can feel inferior when interacting with others. In addition, the person can also become insecure, depressed, and anxious. Therefore, social media should be used wisely. A new study conducted in the UK and published in the Psychological Bulletin journal found that millennials have a high level of perfectionism. They also have high expectations of various things around it. With meditation on ayahuasca retreat activities, you will have a new perspective on seeing the situation, feeling more alert, being able to ward off negative energy, being more patient and calm. In fact, a meditation that is done routinely and regularly by ayahuasca retreat is also able to increase imagination and creativity.

In addition, according to several studies, meditation is expressed as a very effective action to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. In the end, he was able to improve mental health itself. What about handling stress? Research conducted by the University of Wisconsin in the United States states that respondents who meditated for eight weeks routinely experienced a decrease in stress levels. In addition to reducing stress, they tend to be more optimistic in living life. This ultimately makes them avoid various dangerous diseases triggered by stress. Interestingly, meditation does not need to be done while sitting. You can also do it while sitting, eating, even brushing your teeth. Because the essence of meditation is breath and awareness (for example, you realize that you are sitting, eating, brushing your teeth, etc.). To be more exciting, don’t only children and teenagers meditate to reduce stress. You can also do it together with children.

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