Holidays to Get Rid of Stress or Just Increase Stress?

The main thing is, this vacation wants to vacation with who, whether alone or with family. Now if a vacation alone for overseas children who cannot go home is certainly more free to go anywhere, as long as the money is there haha. But for Absurd’s friends who are on vacation with their family, it would be nice not to follow the ego. Look for places that are easy to reach and not too far away like ayahuasca retreat. Make the best use of it to let go of longing and having fun. Traveling from a retreat to a new place with a different culture can make you discover new insights that might be applied to everyday life. While meeting new people can allow you to share stories. It could be that the new person has answers to some of your problems.

Ideally, holidays are carried out at least 2 times a year with 4-5 days of vacation time. Well, during the holidays, it’s a good idea to forget about all the work and problems that are happening. Vacationing to a remote place with a difficult cellphone signal can help release stress. But one that must be considered, when you want to lose contact, first tell the closest person and the most important person. Do not let them confuse looking while you are a busy vacation. Efnie said that nature can be the best stress reliever. Vacation to anywhere, the important thing is to calm down, be able to help re-think clearly and be able to enjoy your vacation time and destination. Make an interesting holiday concept, create unforgettable moments, but still be wise. Determine the budget and don’t spend too much money if you don’t have too much money.

Take vitamins that can increase your immune system, eat healthy foods full of nutrients, get enough sleep, and if necessary go on vacation out of the house. Going to the beach can help your mind and heart to be calmer, stress will decrease.

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