How the Choice of Nutrients Impact the Recovery of Your Bone After Accident

Mild fracture events, usually only handled by attaching a cast or support, so that the bones can heal themselves. In addition, the doctor will also give painkillers when the bone breaks. However, in some cases, broken bones must be treated by surgery and implants made of metal. To find out which treatment is suitable for you to live, you should discuss it with a bone specialist or auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville. Make sure he is the person who has a long experience in treating such that bone problem.

Broken bones can be caused by various things, such as injury or fragile bone condition. If you have a fracture, you may be asked to undergo surgery. However, in addition to treatment done by the medical team, you can also do other things to speed up healing of broken bones by eating foods that contain the right nutrients. Then what nutrients can help cure fractures? There are a number of nutrients that are needed in greater amounts so that the bone condition improves quickly and the wounds dry quickly.

1. Protein
Protein is a macronutrient that is very important for building new tissue in the body. of course, you need this nutrient to build and repair bone tissue to become normal again. In addition, protein also helps the body to absorb more calcium, thus making the bones become denser and stronger.

2. Calcium
The other most important nutrient is calcium. When you eat foods that contain calcium, almost all calcium will be stored in the bone. And this makes your bones solid and strong. Indeed, the main task of calcium is in maintaining bone health.

3. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is no less important than calcium and protein. The main function of vitamin D is also to maintain overall bone health. Not only that, this fat-soluble vitamin helps in the absorption of calcium in the body, so it is needed to repair damaged bone tissue.

4. Vitamin K
Although vitamin K plays a role in preventing bleeding and accelerating wound healing, vitamin K can also increase the absorption of calcium from your food. As with fat-soluble vitamin D, vitamin K makes broken bones recover and connect perfectly.

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