How to clean gas stove easily

The stove is one of the important household appliances, especially as kitchen furniture. If you have planned and decided to build a household, you should have prepared a special budget to use to buy a stove. The function of the stove cannot be underestimated, because if you do not have a stove, how can you cook and of course meet your daily needs. The fuel you need is propane gas. Visit our website to find out propane tanks near me.

So that the stove that you have can be durable and durable, of course, special attention and treatment are needed in terms of cleanliness that must be maintained. In maintaining the cleanliness of the stove, patience is also needed so that the stove can be maintained to the maximum.

Each stove model must have a method of handling and techniques that are certainly different to apply. This article will discuss how to clean the stove.

1. Get used to after finishing cooking directly cleaning

When the cooking process is certainly not separated from the stains or ingredients that scatter and scattered on the surface of your stove. Such trivial matters must also be considered. Get used to after finishing cooking, you immediately process the cleaning of the surface of the stove with a half wet cloth or with a special cloth. Wipe slowly and thoroughly. If you want to be more shiny, after finishing cleaning using a half-wet cloth, you can spray a special cleaning liquid and wipe it back to make it cleaner. The last step is to do the wiping again so that the stove surface is not moist and leaves dry spots of water vapor.

2. Clean the Bottom of the Stove Furnace

The stove part of the stove is a vulnerable part of the nesting place for stains and various ingredients, especially at the bottom of the stove. Try to open and dismantle the furnace to clean the bottom of the furnace which usually has stains that accumulate and over time it will cause a crust which is quite difficult to clean.

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