Recognize Three Types of Flower Arrangements From Different Countries

Flower arrangements or bucket flowers are indeed a gift that is loved by many people. in fact, many women feel very happy if given a bouquet of flowers. For this reason, if you want to give arreglos florales to women, it’s good to know what type of flower you will give because you can adjust it to his personality. In addition, you also have to find the right flower shop for the flower arrangements that you have chosen.

A series or bouquets certainly exist in various countries. Every country also has a different flower arrangement. Below are some series or bouquets from several countries.

1. England
In the UK wreaths are gaining in popularity in the form of S, hereinafter referred to as Hogarthian curve bouquets. Beginning with the introduction of circular and pyramidal essays. These bouquets can be found at banquets.

2. Japan
The art of flower arrangement begins with the tradition of offering flowers in Buddhist temples in Japan. Its development coincided with the development of Buddhism in Japan. Unlike Japan, the art of flower arranging in America is more influenced by the fusion of eastern and western cultures. His trademark is a bouquet of flowers using a tall vase.

3. Europe
In Europe, flower arranging as formal art was first documented among the Dutch in the 18th century. The arrangement of flower arrangements is used to decorate the houses of aristocratic rich families.

In fact, at present, harvested bouquets are commonly used as household ornaments in Europe. According to the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, the garland of this crop is associated with the flow of animism spiritual. For them, bouquets of harvested flowers are sacred talismans. This composition is arranged using wheat or other crops, which are woven with red and white wool yarn. The crop will be hung on the door throughout the year.

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