Some tricks for saving your propane gas

The expensive price of propane gas in some countries certainly makes our family expenditure posts swell, especially for fans of good cuisine. We also began to think of all ways to save on the use of propane gas. How do you save propane? See the information below. Apart from that, check out the Propane Bishopville SC service as well.

Bright Blue Is Good

Adjust the air regulator until the flame is bright blue, remember the flame does not get past the container being heated. A blue flame is hot enough to cook food rather than a red flame so the time to ripen food is shorter. We also save gas.

As Needed Better

Cook it as needed. Try to apply enough portions every time you cook. The budget is definitely more economical if the food is cooked not leftover and wasted. Cooking in large portions can be done if we in the next two weeks, for example, intend to cook a menu with the same basic ingredients. For example, we want to make a dish that is essentially chicken ingredients, it’s good we boil the chicken in large quantities for several times cooking, then we save chicken meat that is not used in the freezer. When we want to cook dishes with another recipe, just remove the chicken from the freezer and season it. Don’t forget, the maximum storage limit for meat in the freezer is only two weeks.

Safe is Comfortable

Check the tube expiration date. The date of manufacture and expiration can be seen in the handrails section, near the head of the gas cylinder. Look carefully when the gas cylinder’s resistance will end. Do not choose gas cylinders whose feasibility test code is below 1998. It is feared that gas cylinders produced under 1998 have been porous. Prioritize safe!

To be safer, buy an automatic regulator. This type of regulator causes the gas to not come out if there is no source of the fire. If there are no funds to buy automatic, still manual, you can turn off the gas distribution button to the regulator every time the stove is not used. Do not let a leak occur. Not bad, gas can last longer when used.

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