This Is How To Use Screws In Various Places

One tool that is needed by everyone and of course in every house is a screw. In addition to hammers, nails and various other tools, the screw is indeed needed by everyone. For this reason, many people choose the screw correctly. Unfortunately, for screw storage, many people do it wrongly. no wonder many screws are damaged and can no longer be used. For that, there is a ball screw repair that is here to help you deal with the problem.

In addition, you also need to know how to install bolts in various places you want. The correct way is

1. Concrete
Many men, who do not know how to plug screws into concrete, damage enough of the purchased components. In fact, everything is quite simple. First, a hole is made in the material, a log is installed there, which “takes” the binder itself. Drilling holes in concrete must be done exclusively with perforators – even the impact of the drill cannot stand, especially conventional ones. Self-tapping screws are compatible with wood and are universal.

2. Bricks, ceramic tiles, screeds
In this media, the screw is screwed in exactly the same way as in concrete. The only thing to work with tiles is better to use a conventional drill because it can crack from excessive punch strength.

3. Copper, bronze, aluminum
Measure the diameter of the binder without taking into account the thread. Manipulation must be done with a caliper. Mount the sharpened jaws perpendicular to the screws and hold the product in such a way that they actually penetrate the thread grooves; specify the diameter. Drill with a diameter of one millimeter and a half smaller than the value obtained, make a hole in the material. Tighten the screws in the hole – and the work is done. Details apply with universal threads.

4. Solid metal
The holes in the material must be the same or slightly larger than the stem diameter without threads. With a number of hard metals, self-tapping screws usually cannot handle this kind of material, specifically, linking these fasteners to cast iron is almost impossible.

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