Types of Hair Color that Match with Skin Color

Hair is the crown of every person, so hair is one of the things that determines people’s judgment on us. Sometimes in some people, you want to be different from the others so that the original hair color wants to be changed to another color. Color change also turns out you can’t just choose a color because it will make your appearance worse, not better. Even in changing hair color, people usually need references. Many references are spread on the internet, one of them through the Black Health and Wealth website. Black Health and Wealth is a lifestyle website specifically for women.

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But sometimes some people who want to dye their hair do not know the consideration in choosing hair color according to skin color so many are still originating and make the skin dull due to contrasting hair color so that you are not wrong in choosing hair color according to skin color so it will be reviewed in this article, as follows:

– Fair white
Owners of bright skin like pale white or reddish-white can look more ‘alive’ with a light golden brown color. It is better to avoid dark colors such as deep black or bluish so that the skin does not get pale. Reddish white skin also needs to avoid hair color with a reddish tone.

– Sweet Chocolate
Owners of brown skin should avoid cold colors such as greenish, yellow and blue shades. It would be more appropriate if you choose warm colors like chocolate. For beginners, choose colors that are not far from skin color. Colors such as dark brown, brown, light brown, reddish brown, or purplish brown are suitable to highlight the exoticism of our brown skin color.

– Enchanting dark
To give a dramatic effect, choose purplish or reddish base colors. Solid colors like beige blonde or chocolate brown can also be chosen for a natural impression. If you don’t want our blacks to look dull, you should avoid light brown colors, even blondes. Even if you really want to experiment with bright colors, choose a brownish blonde (honey blonde) and apply only to highlights.

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